Thanks to an agreement stipulated with our parent company, H-FARM, it is possible to access the "Per Merito" Loan of San Paolo agreementĀ 

If you have any doubts, find below the answers to the most frequently asked questions

  • What amount can I request?
    The amount is fixed: euro 12,500.00 is provided in the form of a credit line, and can be used in whole or in part, depending on needs. You will be able to use this amount for any expenses related to the Master
  • Do I need a guarantor?
    NO! Guarantors are BigRock - H-FarmĀ 
  • When do I apply for funding?
    When you decide to confirm your subscription to BigRock, send us the contract that you downloaded at the time of pre-registration signed on each of its pages, with the exception of the withdrawal form.
    Register with the Intesa portal via this link and enter your request directly.
    From the 15th day following the signing of the contract, you will receive an email with the authorization code, at which point you can make an appointment at any Intesa San Paolo branch office to complete all the formalities.
    N.B. MAKE SURE THAT THE BANK APPLIES THE CONDITIONS SET OUT IN THE AGREEMENT WITH H-FARM! There are other university conventions, but they work differently from ours!
  • Where can I get my serial number?
    On the very first page of the contract you downloaded at the end of pre-registration
  • What happens if I don't get the funding?
    The chances of it not being granted are zero. The loan is only denied if you are already in a morose situation. In any case, when the enrolment is linked to obtaining the loan, if you do not receive the loan, your Master's enrolment lapses.
  • Can I ask you for technical information about the financing?
    Interest rates are not our strong
    However, you can contact one of Intesa San Paolo's branches before entering your financing request, they will remove all your doubts!
  • When do I have to start repaying the funding?
    The bank will ask you to start paying back at the earliest one year after the end of the Master's degree, so you will have some time to find a job.

At this point we must have removed all your doubts, if not, contact us!